Hazelbury Bryan Primary School

Helen Watson, Admin Officer

Helen Watson

Q&A with Helen

What is your favourite book and why?

Jojo Mayes - Me Before You. It was such a mix of happy, sad, funny and had an unexpected ending. I kept thinking about it long after having finished it.

Tell me an interesting fact about yourself

I have lived in Scotland, Ireland and England - just Wales to go and I'll have covered all the UK!

What was your favorite subject at school?

I loved PE, especially gymnastics and cross country

Who would you most like to go for a coffee with?

David Beckham - wouldn't every girl like to?

If you were stranded on a desert island what one thing would you take with you?

My photograph albums

What is your favorite colour?


If you could be any animal what would you be and why?

A cat, very clever animals and I would enjoy the life my cat has!

If you were a character from a book who would you like to be?

Elizabeth Bennet - Pride and Prejudice