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North Dorset Tag Rugby Finals

North Dorset Tag Rugby Finals

On the 18th of November 2015, our tag rugby team played in the North Dorset finals. There were eight teams split into two groups (A and B). We were in group B. We played four games in group B. We won two, lost one and drew the other. All of these games were really tough because the opposition were so good. Thankfully, we qualified to get through to the semi finals. In our semi final we lost the game by just two points. It was a really tough game. After this, we played our last game against a school that had already beaten us in the group stages. We new we had to win if we wanted to finish in third place. Luckily, we won that game and finished third. We are all really happy now because we have qualified to get into the Dorset finals in March 2016. We cannot wait.
We would just like to say that we thought the teams were all really good, this made it one of the toughest tournaments we have ever played in.

By Willow and Grace

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Added: 20th November 2015