Hazelbury Bryan Primary School

What is Happening in Owls this Autumn Term

A huge welcome to all Owls and their Parents / carers
We have had a great start to the term and all the children seem to be settling really well.

Here is what we will be learning this term in each area of the curriculum

Our themes in Rainbow SEAL for this term are: ‘New Beginnings and Getting on and Falling Out’. The children will be supported in settling into their new class and becoming familiar with the classroom and school routines, resources, setting our class rules etc. They will be encouraged to develop friendships and learn how to interact and co-operate happily with their peers and adults.
We will also use ‘Circle Time’ to develop speaking and listening skills and ensure that all children know that their ideas and opinions are important. Developing independence is key to a successful learning environment as is the ability to listen and interact with peers and adults. This area of the curriculum is crucial, particularly in the first term.

Communication Language and Literacy
This term we will be beginning the teaching of early literacy skills through a wide variety of reading, writing, speaking and listening activities.
Through various activities, including Letters and Sounds (phonics), the children will develop listening skills and the ability to distinguish environmental and familiar sounds. We will begin to teach initial sounds and the early reading skills of blending and segmenting letters to make words.
Emergent writing will be encouraged in the role play and all other areas of the curriculum i.e. shopping lists, telephone messages etc. The children will be supported in developing their fine and gross motor control through a variety of fun activities. The children will enjoy a variety of stories; nursery rhymes etc and will be encouraged to retell them using puppets, role play and props etc.
They will make their own mini books and use writing to label models, pictures and stories.
During the term, the children will bring home a book basket book and a reading book to share at home. These will be changed three times a week. The children also have weekly individual and guided reading sessions.

Physical Development

The children will learn the importance of a healthy life style through various activities including a visit from the Life Education Van.

The children will do daily Boogie Beebie sessions along with the Barn Owls pre-school children. They will also participate in a programme called "Storycise." Which helps to develop fine and gross motor skills
The children will develop confidence when changing for P.E. They will be taught to move safely in the hall and the outside area and follow instructions.
They will learn to enjoy movement and music, games using the Parachute to develop co-operation and turn taking skills.
They will become familiar with large and small apparatus to develop balancing, jumping, climbing and travelling safely.

This term the children will be developing their early number skills and vocabulary through role play and general class routines e.g. sharing out fruit, milk, lining up, learning number rhymes and songs etc.
They will participate in whole class and group teaching to develop their counting skills, number recognition and ability to problem solve.
They will learn about pattern, shape, position, direction and measure through various activities including, stories, games, construction toys, songs, action rhymes etc.

Understanding the World
The children will become familiar with the main areas of the school such as the hall, office, library and playground.
They will get to know children and adults in each class and around the school. They will talk about their own lives, interests and families and begin to recognise that everyone is different.
The children will learn about festivals and celebrations, including Harvest, Bonfire Night and Christmas.
They will learn about the main events in the Christmas Festival. They will learn and re-enact the Nativity Story though dressing up and role play. They will also learn Christmas carols and songs. Parents/carers will be invited to watch our Nativity Production. (Details to follow)

In ICT the children will be introduced to computers and I-Pads. They use simple programmes on the computer and use these to enhance their learning in different areas of the curriculum.

Expressive Arts and design
The children will become familiar with the resources we have available. They will learn skills for painting, printing, collage and modelling. The children will be given plenty of opportunities to explore resources while developing their imagination and independence.

In music we follow a scheme of work by "Charanga" which involves learning different songs and using instruments to explore pattern, volume and rhythm.


Added: 6th September 2016