Hazelbury Bryan Primary School

What is happening in Hawks this Autumn Term

This term the Hawks class are learning about the Romans, including when they were around, where they came from, how they built their empire, significant people and much more.

In literacy we have started with instructions and learnt about bossy verbs, we are also looking at explanations, stories, dialogue plays and poetry, as well as learning all sorts of grammar.

In Maths we have started with place value and using these facts to help us round, order and compare numbers. We will also be adding and subtracting mentally, before going on to look at fractions, shape and some data work.

This half term we are doing tag rugby in outdoor games sessions and dance in PE – ‘these boots are made for walking’, after half term we will do netball in outdoor games.

In RE we are looking at Christianity and in Science we are learning about light.


Added: 26th September 2016