Hazelbury Bryan Primary School

What is happening in Eagles this Spring Term

This term the Eagles class are learning about the Vikings. We will be learning about when they were around, where they came from, how they travelled from Scandinavia and lots more.

In Literacy we have started to learn about non chronological reports. We will be writing our very own on some of the craziest sports that take place in the UK.

In Maths we have started to learn about prime numbers, factors and multiples. We have also been exploring negative numbers and how they are used in real life scenarios.

In PE we are lucky enough to have John Scott, who is a FA coach, to come and teach us some new skills in football. We are also learning how to play Handball on a Monday and on Thursdays we will be working on a new gymnastics routine that involves some tricky movements into balances.

In Science, we will be learning about forces.


Added: 11th January 2017