Hazelbury Bryan Primary School

What is Happening in Owls this Spring Term

Our theme in Owls class at the moment is 'Spring and Growing'. In our role play area the children. Have been busy being TV presenters, presenting their own programs on how to make pots of spring flowers. Next week we will be transforming the role play into a garden centre. In a few weeks we will be visiting a real garden centre-Castle Gardens in Sherborne. Over the coming weeks the children will be learning what happens to seeds and how plants grow. We will be thinking about what plants need to grow and be healthy and growing our own plants in our outdoor area. We have been spotting signs of spring and if the children see anything at home or when they are out and about with you that they would like to bring in to put on our spring table that would be fantastic. In literacy we will be reading the story Jasper's Beanstalk this will inspire learning in lots of curriculum area e.g. painting, sequencing, learning the days of the week etc. In maths we are learning about adding and subtracting, measuring length and height, making patterns and 2D and 3D shapes. We will also be learning more about the especially celebrations we have at this time of year e.g. Pancake day, Mothering Sunday and Easter.


Added: 10th March 2017