Hazelbury Bryan Primary School

What is Happening in Kestrels this Summer Term

In Kestrels we are focusing on improving our writing by remembering to use correct punctuation, neat handwriting and adding adjectives to make our writing more interesting. The year twos are also revising all their knowledge and skills learnt so far to aid them in their SATs.

In maths, we have been looking at place value, addition and subtraction, word problems, time, shape and fractions. We will revisit measure later on in the term.

Our topic this term is focussing on history and geography. We have been learning about Queen Victoria and will be moving onto George III and their links to Weymouth.

In Science this term we have been studying 'Seasonal effects on the weather across the four seasons'. Later next half term we will study plants.

We have been enjoying multi skills sessions in PE which the children are thoroughly enjoying and they are looking forward to getting into the pool after half term.


Added: 12th May 2017