Hazelbury Bryan Primary School

What is Happening in Owls this Autumn Term

Our theme in Owls class this term is ͚Happy and Healthy͛.

As we settle into school we will be learning about our likes and dislikes and those of our friends. We have already started to enjoy
sharing the special objects that the children have bought in from home.

We will also be thinking about healthy lifestyles and food. We will be learning what makes us happy and exploring different
emotions and how we cope with them. We will be discovering both our indoor and outdoor environments and how we work independently within these environments e.g. How does a good
learner use the creative area? They wear an apron; they collect the things they need to make their creation; they try their best with their work and talk about what they are making; they tidy their equipment away when they have finished including their apron. The children will be practising their ͚learning skills͛ like the ones above, in all the different areas of our indoor and outdoor classroom.

The children will start to learn their letter sounds and how to use these to read and write. We will also start to explore the some mathematical concepts such as counting, sorting, size, shape etc. Asthe term moves on we will be learning about autumn and the characteristics of this season.

After half term we will move onto thinking about celebrations. More information will follow on this theme nearer the time.


Added: 15th September 2017