Hazelbury Bryan Primary School

What is Happening in Owls this Spring Term

In the Foundation Base this half term our theme is ‘Near and Far’. The children have decided they would like to learn about Space (which is very ‘far’ away). They are very interested in stars, rocks, planets and astronauts. We have been learning about Tim Peake’s mission to the International Space Station. In the base we have two space role play areas, a rocket and the control room. The children are enjoying acting out all sorts of space missions!
In phonics we are busy learning the next sounds. These sounds are diagraphs (sounds made up of more than one sound e.g. sh, ch, ee, igh). We are developing our ability to use our newly learned sounds in our writing and our reading and are practising our blending skills. In Literacy we will be reading the story ‘Alien’s love Underpants’ and doing various activities based around the story.
In maths the children are growing more confident with using numicon to help them solve problems and work with numbers. We will be doing a lot of work on teen numbers this term. We are also exploring measuring and time.
On our welly walks we are preparing for Spring and making a mini beast home. We will also be doing some winter scavenger hunts.
In PE we are developing our skills in Games and are also lucky enough to have ‘Premier Sports’ delivering a gymnastics session each week for us.
We will be doing ‘Plan-Do-Tell’ in the afternoons where we plan what we would like to explore, go and explore what we have planned and then talk about what we have done and learnt.
As we near to half term we will be introducing a topic that a lot of the children seem to be interested in and that is pirates.
Lots of fun and exploration happening this half term in Owls class and the Foundation Base.


Added: 12th January 2018