Hazelbury Bryan Primary School

What is Happening in Foundation Base this Half Term

In the Foundation Base this half term our focus is ‘Spring and Growing’. We have some chicks in an incubator in the Barn Owls classroom and we are waiting to see them hatch. We are continuing to look at the life cycle of a butterfly and in the Owls classroom we are watching that come to life on our Interest Table. The caterpillars are now at their chrysalis stage, it’s very exciting to watch. In our outdoor area we have been busy planting peas, sunflowers and corn.

The Owls enjoyed a trip to Pogles Wood where they looked for signs of spring and also had lots of fun making mud faces. The Owls also went on a whole school trip to see Dippy and the Barn Owls had fun doing a ‘Teddy Bears picnic’.
Our new playhouse has been installed in our outdoor area and the children are loving spending time in there, reading books and chatting with friends. In the next few weeks we shall be moving onto a mini topic about Handa’s Surprise and the playhouse will be transformed into a fruit and vegetable shop. Thank you again to Mr Ings for building the playhouse for us and to all of the parents who donated at our ‘Sponsored I can’ event back in the autumn. The money raised funded the materials for the playhouse.
We are encouraging lots of writing and mark making in the base and we have set up a ‘school office role play’ in the Owls classroom. The Owls visited Mrs Green in the office to learn all about the different jobs the office staff do. The children will be using their phonics to help them write messages and lists.
In phonics, we are consolidating all our sounds that we have learnt this year and we are also focussing on the alphabet and tricky words.
In maths we are continuing to use Numicon to help us learn and have recently been learning about doubling and halving. We even made up a song to help us!
The Barn Owls are enjoying daily ‘Storycises’, an activity where they move to a verbal story.


Added: 2nd May 2018