Hazelbury Bryan Primary School


Dear Parents, Carers,

I regret to advise you that Dorset County Council have made the reluctant decision to cancel transport for all schools across the county tomorrow, due to the Amber Weather Warning issued by the Met Office for snow and ice. For this reason, we feel that we have no alternative, but to close the school to all students tomorrow.
The decision has not been taken lightly by the local authority, but they decided that in the best interests of students and staff, it was a sensible precaution. The local authority felt that many journeys into school tomorrow would be very difficult due to the icy conditions which would prevail even if the snowfall is lighter than currently predicted.
The school will be open on Monday as usual, unless the local authority’s advice is to remain closed. Please check the school’s web-site over the weekend and early on Monday morning for any updates.

Julie Sharpe


Added: 31st January 2019