This week at Hazelbury Bryan...

Week beginning September 15th

Clubs start this week- see club timetable in the club section

Tuesday - Nicola Barker, new Pre-school assistant spending the day in Barn Owls. 6:00 - PTA AGM in school

Wednesday - Nicola Barker, new Pre-school assistant spending the day in Barn Owls

Thursday - Brass lessons. Rev Oxenham to do assemblly at 2:55

Friday - Alex Peter's last day before her maternity leave. 6:00-7:00 Mix and Mingle in school

Our new website is having the final touches made to it's art work and will be launched very soon

School club Timetable will be added to the website on Friday .

This will be where we let you know of any emergency school closures. Please open the attached file to find out all the information. We have also included our very recent Ofsted as well as our PE plan.

School Closures.pdf School Closures.pdf
Size : 73.553 Kb
Type : pdf
Ofsted report 2014.pdf Ofsted report 2014.pdf
Size : 255.465 Kb
Type : pdf
PE_plan[1].pdf PE_plan[1].pdf
Size : 51.592 Kb
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 Star Writer

Week ending 12th September

Owls - Nathan

Kestrels- Summer A

Hawks- Gracie


 Nativy Photos.

Here are some of the  pictures from our stunning performance of 'Whoops A Daisy Angel' .' Please come into school to see the whole collection.

Many thanks to our resident photographer- Julia Clifford


Rugby Tournament at the high School 

Please look and see our photos from the  tournament we took part in . We had a great time, especially playing in all that mud!!


Hot School Meals

Make sure you sign up for meals the week prior to the one you want.

Parent View

Please let us know your views on our school by visiting the site called Parent View. at


Hazelbury Bryan Primary school is a rural village school for children aged 4 - 11 years. We also have a Pre School offering care for children from 2 years 9 months - school age. Click here for more information.

                                                   Phone: 01258 817492
Fax: 01258 817175

Headteacher: Mrs Julie Sharpe

Sports Day 2 June 2013


We had glorious weather for sports day this year.  All the children participated in earning points for their house team as usual and many parents joined in and supported us. The daisies were the overall winners this year.

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